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Pożegnanie od Koleżnki z Turcji- kontakty w ramach projektów językowych
I m Narin, an English teacher in Turkie. We have been friends since 2009 . It was when our nice Polish partner friends came to Turkie for an Erasmus project . He would know the exact date but I dont. He was such a genius person. Since then he has always been in my life. First a great partner to work with enthusiasm ,intelligence and principles then a great friend full of knowledge and ideas on cultures, humanity and also sense of humour. His ability to learn languages was also astonishing. In addition to his perfect English, i was surprised when he started to speak Turkish better than me and asking for some words i even didnt know the differences. But his most important trait was his big heart. His caring his beloved ones unconditionally, without expecting anything for himself.. His parents were his treasures. Thanks his mum for raising such a great son. She is a strong woman. I hope she will be fine and overcome all these hard days. I m so sorry we lost him. But he will always live in our minds and hearts.
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